Welcome to The Vida Method!

If you’re reading this, please take a moment to ask yourself the following questions:

Am I ready to do the work that will allow me to live the life of my dreams?

Am I ready to learn to love myself no matter what is required of me?

Am I ready to embrace the pleasure of living inside my own skin?

Will I allow myself to love my body as never before?

Am I ready to create positive relationships with my family and friends despite our past experiences?

Am I ready to attract ideal relationship partners into my life?

If the answer is yes to any of those questions, than stop what you doing and buckle your seatbelt.

Get ready for the journey of a lifetime. One  that  will  take you on a voyage through the unchartered territories of your inner kingdom. Though the road may be rocky at times, know that you will never be alone. We can make this trip together and I will keep you safe from harm. I will guide you toward the most fulfilling and empowering relationships you can possible imagine with yourself those who matter most to you, and the people you’ve yet to meet.

During your time working and training with me, you will learn all the tools and techniques you need to renovate and revitalize the relationship you have with yourself. The truth is, no one needs to have a dysfunctional relationship with themselves, or their significant others be they family or friends. You can truly live the best version of you and connect with the world in a healthy and meaningful way..


Many people fall into a trap. They don’t know how to value themselves or cultivate their strengths. They don’t see their highest potential or know how to aspire towards it. They don’t know how to value themselves as a authentic and unique person.

When people don’t like themselves, or understand who they truly are, they can’t form healthy, happy relationships with themselves or others.

What I intend to do is offer you a guiding light. And teach you how to free yourself from these shackles so you never fall into these dark dungeons again.

Together, we will sculpt your life and help you embody the unique human being you truly are.  One that can can form bonds, and create real relationships that can last a lifetime.

What you will learn is:

How to deal with self doubt and low self esteem

How to build yourself up without depending on others

Once you and I get to the bottom of what’s been keeping you from the life of your dreams, we will start focusing on improving your relationships with the people that matter most to you. Together we are going to make you feel absolutely incredible whenever your in the presence of those people. You will grow the courage and confidence you need to succeed in forming fulfilling, rewarding relationships with whomever you wish.

You will learn:

How to communicate and listen to your family and friends

How to get other people to value you your time and presence as person

How to identify toxic relationships, and cut them off.

How to build trust, compassion, and love with people closest to you

You thought that was all?

We just got started..

Keep reading.

So many people get bagged down by looking for the right one. The one person they can truly love. But thats not about true love. They want someone to complete them. To make them whole. Because they cannot complete themselves. So they give their power away to someone else hoping they will make them feel worthy and whole. They put their happiness and self worth in the hands of another human being.

That’s where the problem is!

When we work together this will not happen We will turn the tables around to work in YOUR favor. Not only will I show you how to attract the partner  of your dreams, but I will show you how to create a life long relationship with yourself being the focus of desire. Together we will train you to attract the eyes of those who will help you feel your best.

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