About Vida

Vida Isabelle Weinstein:

Psychotherapist since 1987


I have been a psychotherapist for over 30 years, specializing in all forms of human relationships beginning with the one we have with ourselves. This includes our relationship with food and the resulting  eating  disorders that may arise when a person’s relationship with self is not in alignment with their nutritional and emotional needs. I made the transition to life/health coaching because I feel that this is where real changes can take place in a shorter span  of time when a person is motivated to journey inward with me and do their work.

As a psychotherapist, I focus on guiding people toward learning the necessary tools for creating  positive change in their present day lives without getting lost in thoughts that bind them to their past. Over the years, I discovered that the key to changing our feelings and perceptions about our past is in learning to create real self esteem in our body and mind sourced in present day life.

When you are ready to learn the skills of building a positive relationship with yourself, your self esteem grows and your challenges feel more manageable. I’ve seen this happen countless times with people dedicated to improving their quality of life.

It does take a deep commitment to this work, but the rewards are truly priceless and will empower you to live the life of your dreams every single day.


Reach me at Vidawein@gmail.com

Available via phone, videochat, Skype or Facetime.