Souls of the Deep


Souls of the Deep is a riveting story about the life altering adventures of a fish named Billy Moon and his beloved mother, Belle. On Christmas Day while peacefully swimming nearby their home, a gigantic fishing net descends from high above and traps Belle in its lethal clutches. Billy is left frozen and devastated in his tracks as he watches his mother being dragged away before his eyes. Belle struggles to escape the wretched net where she is entangled with hundreds of other frantic fish gasping for their last breath of life.

Billy is profoundly stricken with loss. He delves deep into depression, ignoring extended family and friends. One day, he stumbles upon a clue that leads him to believe that his mother may still be alive. With a renewed zest for life, he embarks upon a journey accompanied by his dearest friend Lucas to search for his beloved mother under the sea. The twists and turns of their compelling adventures will lure you into a whirlwind of love, suspense and intrigue bound to leave you glued to your seat.